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C6704 Clipper Clocking In Card (Pack of 1000)

Original price was: £46.92.Current price is: £42.23.

C6704 Clipper Clocking-In Card (Pack of 1000). These cards are synonymous with the words ‘time’ and ‘punch’, and are most commonly used to record the attendance and working hours of employees, stored within a physical or electronic device. Time Cards like this are compatible with various types of Time Recorders and Clocking-In Machines.

The time/punch cards we supply are constructed from sturdy paper/plastic, allowing them to withstand daily use. Ones made available through the use of plastic almost always contain a protective coating or lamination, preventing wear and tear over extended periods of time.

Card Size: 86mm W x 230mm H

Suitable Uses:

There are a multitude of suitable products and models for the C6704 Clipper Clocking-In Card. Some of which include:

  • Cinicinnati 3071
  • Amano CP 3000
  • Amano Model 86
  • Amano 6700/800/900
  • Acro 200 Time Recorder

Compatible Manufacturers:

There are also various manufacturers that offer compatibility with the C6704 Clipper Clocking-In Card. These comprise of:

  • Isgus
  • Amano
  • Simplex
  • Acroprint
  • Cinicinnati
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