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PCT/1 Job Ticket ‘Lick and Stick’ (Pack of 125)


The CTECH PCT/1 is a ‘Lick & Stick’ Job Ticket, that comes in packs of 125. Hinder the spread of germs by using our ‘Lick and Stick’ technician pay claim tickets instead of ‘Peel and Stick’.

The PCT/1 is compatible with several types of Time Stamp and Clocking In Machines. Technician Tickets of this kind are most commonly used in garages, service centre’s, workshops, and offices. Implementing Job Tickets in the workplace offers numerous benefits for both employers and employees. They include:

Product Benefits

1. Performance Monitoring:

  • Allows for the assessment of individual and team performance based on the completion and quality of tasks.

2.  Project Management:

  • Job tickets provide detailed descriptions of tasks, ensuring employees understand their responsibilities.
  • Managers can easily monitor the progress of individual tasks and overall projects, ensuring everything stays on schedule.

3. Improved Efficiency

  • Facilitates better allocation of resources, including personnel and materials.
  • Prioritise tasks based on deadlines and importance, ensuring critical work is completed first.

Suitable Uses

Compatible Manufacturers

  • Acro
  • Isgus
  • Amano
  • Lathem
  • Needtek
  • Time Precision
  • PCT/1 Job Tickets
  • UK Time Solutions
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