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Danfoss Randall 841 Electronic Signal Unit (ESU)


This product has been discontinued, but we can recommend compatible replacement parts.

The Danfoss Randall 841 (Electronic Signal Unit) Break Time Sounder controller can produce up to 200 sounder activation times over a weekly period. The Randall 841 time controller offers both pulsed and continuous 230V AC output for all break time/class change applications.

Product Features:

  • Cabled with a 1.5mm twin and earth mains cable
  • Programming is done from the unit’s external keypad with audible feedback
  • The MANUAL position of the rocker switch provides a continuous ON but only while the switch is held down
  • The unit features programmable sound duration ( 1 to 60 seconds) and pulse type, continuous or intermittent
  • Programmable break time sounder controller capable of up to 200 ring times spread over a 7-day period, with each day being set up individually
  • The Danfoss 841 time controller has both pulsed and continuous mains 230v AC output and is commonly used for school bell ringing and siren sounding applications

Please Note: The ESU-8 Timer should only be installed by an electrician or competent maintenance person.

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