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ICTP10 Time Clock Ribbon

Original price was: £25.37.Current price is: £22.84.

The Seiko/Lathem/TimeMaster ICTP10 is a Time Clock Ribbon, specially constructed for use in various printing devices and technologies. The ICTP10 Time Clock Ribbon consists of a plastic housing encasing the ink reservoir and integrated components, such as a printhead and electronic contacts.

Time Clock Cassettes can sometimes feature hassle-free replacements (depending upon the individual ribbon), minimising downtime in a busy office or home environment. They also allow users to resume printing tasks without significant delays. Not to mention, they’re often compact and designed to fit neatly into any given location.

Time Clock Ribbons (like those manufactured by Seiko, Lathem, and TimeMaster) have seen success when used in printing and imaging devices throughout the Time & Attendance industry. We’ve included a brief list below of the applications:

Product Benefits

1. Dot Matrix Printers:

  • Time Clock Cassettes used in Dot Matrix Printers can be found across a diverse range of applications that require carbon copies.

2. Industrial & Commercial Printers:

  • Specialised printers, used for printing barcodes, inventory tags, or packaging labels, often use Ink Ribbons for their reliability in harsh environments.

3. Date/Time Stamping Machines:

  • Devices used for time-keeping or logging use Ink Cassettes to stamp dates and times on documents.

Compatible Manufacturers

  • Isgus TP10/20
  • Seiko TP10/20
  • Seiko QR350/375
  • Time Precision TP300
  • Beatron TP-2000/5000
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