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IR33 Ink Ribbon

Original price was: £26.44.Current price is: £23.80.

The Amano IR33 is a two-colour Ink Ribbon, used throughout a number of printing technologies. It consists of a strip made of durable material, such as polyester, coated with ink on one side or embedded with ink-soaked fabric.

Ribbons are typically wound onto spools that fit into the relevant product. As the printing mechanism engages, the ribbon advances, and characters are formed by the impact of pins or hammers striking against the ribbon, transferring ink onto the paper. The IR33 Ink Ribbon plays a vital role in producing clear and legible text on printed documents, and offers several advantages.

Product Benefits

1. Durability:

  • Ink Cassette Ribbons can produce prints that are durable and can last for many years without fading, making them suitable for archival purposes.
  • Prints made with ink are often more resistant to smudging, which is particularly beneficial for documents that need to be handled frequently.

2. Cost Efficiency:

  • Typically have a longer lifespan and can produce thousands of prints before needing replacement.
  • Ink Ribbons tend to be less expensive than toner or inkjet cartridges, making them cost-effective for businesses that require high-volume printing.

3. Reliability:

  • Performs well in different environmental conditions, including high or low temperatures and humidity.
  • Ink Cassette Ribbons are less prone to drying out compared to inkjet cartridges, ensuring consistent print quality over time.

Compatible Manufacturers

  • Amano 6700 & 8104
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