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JCRA4V Job Card Rack – Vertical (Pack of 3)


The JCRA4V is a Vertical Job Card Rack (A4), that comes in packs of 3. A4 Job Card Racks hold various types of documentation, including paperwork and the like. In addition to improving paperwork efficiency, organisation, and location in any application, they’re ideal for literature, invoices, despatch notes, works in progress, production orders, quotations, and stationery.

Another important thing to consider when purchasing products like this is versatility. Despite being commonplace in businesses up and down the country, the JCRA4V Job Card Rack provides a solution to anyone or any business, looking for a practical organisational tool that’s both cost-effective and cost-efficient.

Vertical Job Card Racks provide a practical investment for those looking to neatly store all forms of documentation. Not to mention, an invaluable tool, that can be used in various environments to effectively manage a collection of documents. To recap, we’ve listed a few key benefits below:

Product Benefits

1. Corporate Offices

  • Organise and store files, folders, and paperwork for easy retrieval.
  • Keep frequently used documents accessible on employees’ desks.

2. Healthcare Facilities

  • Store patient files, medical charts, and treatment plans.
  • Display health information pamphlets and patient education materials.

3. Educational Institutions

  • Display periodicals, research papers, and reference materials.
  • Organise handouts, assignments, and teaching aids for easy access.

Product Features

  • Wall mountable
  • Add extra pockets to increase the capacity
  • Ideal for workshops/repair centers/garages
  • Perspex holder for A4 Job Sheets, Card & Warranty claim tickets
  • Keep your desk and other work areas clean, and utilise your wall space

Compatible Uses

  • Sales Literature Racks
  • Garage Job Card Racks
  • Workshop A4 Document Racks
  • Office Document Control Racks
  • Kanban Document Control Racks
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