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NT-75N Clocking In Machine

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The NT-75N is a Clocking In Machine, that accurately records the time and day on your employee’s Clocking Cards. This superb EagleTime NT-75N Clocking In Machine has the facility to highlight which employees are late (or go home early), via a printing mechanism. At NETR, we make sure that all of our Clocking In Systems offer a suitable solution for a wide range of commercial and industrial requirements.

Systems like these are a practical addition to your business – helping it prosper, and ensuring that your employees are accurately paid in relation to the hours that they work. Not to mention, incredibly easy to operate and automatically ready for use. If you’re looking for the Monthly equivalent of this product, we stock several EagleTime NT-95N‘s. Above all, machines like this offer a multitude of benefits for businesses, and even more so for employees.

Product Benefits

1. Transparency

  • Any discrepancies can be quickly identified and resolved with clear records.
  • Employees have access to their own time records, providing transparency and trust in the system.

2. Convenience

  • Employees can often check their hours and schedules online or via mobile apps
  • Modern systems are user-friendly, often incorporating biometric or mobile clocking options.

3. Fairness

  • Uniform application of attendance policies reduces favoritism and bias.
  • Automated systems ensure that all employees are treated fairly and equally, with accurate records of their work hours.

Product Features

  • Standard IN/OUT 6-column printing
  • Selectable Day End Time to cater for night shifts
  • Large digital display for easy viewing and setting
  • Monthly & Weekly pay ending changed as required
  • Each day programmed independently within the week
  • 24 settings of colour change/music chime/column change
  • Two colour printing to highlight late clockings and overtime
  • Lithium battery guarantees data memory reserved for 3 years
  • Quartz crystal accuracy for timekeeping and perpetual calendar
  • Automatic card location and programmable IN/OUT column changes
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