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R7082PF Time Card Rack (Plastic)

Original price was: £27.49.Current price is: £24.74.

The R7082PF is a Time Card Rack. Card Racks, like this, are used as an organisational tool in workplaces, to both carefully manage and keep track of employees work hours. Materials like plastic or metal make a considerable difference to the overall durability.

Mounted to and/or on a wall in a central location, the R7082PF Expandable Time Card Rack consists of a series of rows and columns designed to hold individual Time Cards for each individual employee. Clocking In Cards (made of durable cardstock or laminated paper), can then be safely inserted into the designated slots for the corresponding employee/time period.

Clock Card Racks help maintain a precise level of control and organisation, as well as ensuring an accurate record of work hours. One of the more beneficial aspects of Time Card Racks is their ability to facilitate efficient time tracking, payroll processing, and labour management.

Suitable Applications

  • Retail Stores
  • Educational Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Factories & Industrial Settings

Product Features

  • Tough ABS plastic design
  • Holds up to 25 C7082 clocking cards
  • Simple to remove from the wall if required
  • Keyhole hanging slots for easy removal from the wall
  • Expandable design, with added & removable pockets

Compatible Uses

  • C7082 Attendance Cards
  • CTM920M Monthly Attendance Cards
  • Weekly Time Cards 85mm (Wide) x 140mm (Tall)
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