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RBH12P ID Card Holder

Original price was: £28.02.Current price is: £22.41.

The RBH12P is an ID Card Holder. The RBH12P ID Card Holder is used as an organisational tool in workplaces, to house individual ID Cards and/or Badges, of various types. The materials used to construct these products make a considerable difference to the overall durability, such as Plastic or Metal.

Mounted to a wall in a central location, the RBH12P Swipe Card Holder consists of a series of rows and columns designed to hold individual Cards & Badges for employees. They can then be safely inserted into the designated slots for corresponding employees.

An ID Card Holder allows businesses to maintain a precise level of control, organisation and versatility – regardless of the application. They also ensure a detailed record of ID Badges, Credit Cards, and even Proximity Cards. One of the more beneficial aspects of ID Card Holders is their versatility, enhancing the convenience, security, and access of any workplace.

Product Benefits

1. Enhanced Security

  • Control access to various parts of the workplace, ensuring only authorised personnel can enter.

2. Time & Attendance Tracking

  • ID Cards integrated with time-tracking systems automatically record employee attendance, reducing the need for manual timesheets.

3. Operational Efficiency

  • Streamline various business processes, such as logging into computers, accessing printers, and checking out equipment.

Product Features

  • Strong construction
  • Ideal for ID cards and badges
  • Compact design 12 slot design
  • Keyhole slots for removal off the wall
  • Suitable for cards 85mm (Wide) x 55mm (Tall)
  • Accepts up to 12 credit card type cards on badges

Compatible Uses

  • ID / Swipe Cards
  • CAB Magstripe Badges
  • Security ID / RFID Badges
  • RFID Proximity Attendance Cards
  • ISOPROXII Proximity and RFID Cards
  • Credit Card / Attendance Card / ID Cards
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