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RCR20M Plastic Expandable Monthly Time Card Rack

Original price was: £25.60.Current price is: £23.04.

RCR20M Plastic Expandable Monthly Time Card Rack. These racks are typically used as an organisational tool in workplaces, to both manage and keep track of employees work hours. Mounted on a wall in a central location, the Time Card Rack consists of a series of rows and columns designed to hold individual time cards for each employee.

Clocking-In Cards (made of durable cardstock or paper), are then inserted into the designated slots for the corresponding employee and time period.

Product Features:

  • Easy installation and removal
  • Holds up to 25 monthly time cards
  • Manufactured from robust ABS plastic
  • Aesthetically-pleasing compact design
  • Expanding design extra card pockets can be added

Compatible Uses:

  • C6704 Time Cards
  • Monthly Time Cards
  • CNT8300 Time Cards
  • CTM920 Monthly Time Cards
  • Cards 85mm (Wide) x 187mm (Tall)
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