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Seiko TP-50 Time & Date Stamp Machine


The Seiko TP-50 Time & Date Stamp Machine is easy to program and is one of the most reliable methods for keeping track of time. Here at UK Time Solutions, our time and date stamps are automatic and incorporate 2-line printing that is extremely accurate. The capabilities of this product are quick, allowing you to effectively print the current time and date onto a number of documents.

Installation of the Seiko TP-50 time and date stamp is simple, it requires little to no downtime and the set-up process is just as efficient. Our Seiko TP-50 is an electronic time stamp that is best used for printing numbers. Our electronic time stamps are ideal for printing best before dates onto product packaging. As a valuable Time Recorder, the time and date stamp is used to provide accurate data – designed to offer the highest quality possible.

Product Features:

  • Memory back-up (up to 3 years)
  • Wall-mounting or Desk-mountable
  • Simple adjustment of print alignment
  • Unique 2 line printing with a single insertion
  • Dimensions: 156mm W x 179mm H x 181mm D
  • Illuminated print area and back-lit graphical display
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment BST/GMT
  • Custom comment and setting configuration by PC and USB transfer
  • Up to 4 print patterns selectable by dedicated programmable buttons
  • Included locking mechanism & password protection for making setting adjustments
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