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TP-300 Time/Date Stamper

Original price was: £297.15.Current price is: £237.72.

The TP-300 is a Time/Date Stamper, and an excellent means of keeping track of important time-sensitive documentation, allowing an accurate time and date to be recorded on your document. For one, it’s highly versatile, and used to suit the specific requirements of your business; ideally garages and workshops.

Secondly, this product offers a practical way to monitor the attendance of employees and also time spent on particular jobs or tasks within the workplace, ensuring that all deadlines are met. In addition, our machines can be password protected for security purposes and are designed to be multi-functional, just like the Time Precision TP-300. Another handy feature of this machine is the option for customisable print.

By using Time/Date Stamp Machines of this calibre, organisations can improve their efficiency, ensure compliance, and maintain accurate records. All of which contribute to better operational management and accountability. Implementing the TP-300 Time/Date Stamper into your workplace is sure to provide record-keeping accuracy, and effective operation.

Product Benefits

1. Cost Savings

  • Minimises errors associated with manual timestamping, reducing cost of correcting mistakes.
  • Automating the stamping process reduces the need for manual labour, lowering operational costs.

2. Professionalism

  • Reflects a commitment to accuracy and reliability, positively impacting reputation.
  • Ensures consistent and professional-looking timestamps on all documents, enhancing overall professionalism.

3. Accuracy & Precision

  • Helps in meeting regulatory and audit requirements by providing verifiable timestamps.
  • Ensures precise documentation of the date and time of transactions, deliveries, or any significant events.

Product Features:

  • Wall and/or table mounting
  • Built-in synchronized relay for bell ringing
  • Automatic time reset after power outages
  • Self-adjusting perpetual calendar until 2099
  • Large viewing window for easy document alignment
  • Numeric program password protection for added security
  • Rechargeable battery backup to allow printing during a power failure
  • Automatic BST correction (1 to 8 digit numbering with up to 9 repetitions and 29 preset print formats)
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