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TP-50 Time/Date Stamper


This product has been discontinued, but we can recommend compatible replacement parts.

The Seiko TP-50 is a remarkable Time/Date Stamper; incredibly easy to program and one of the most reliable methods for keeping track of Time & Attendance. Here at UK Time Solutions, our Time and Date Stampers are automatic and incorporate 2-line printing. The capabilities of this product are effective, allowing you to print the current time and date onto a number of documents.

Installation of the Seiko TP-50 Time/Date Stamper is straightforward. It also requires little to no downtime and the set-up process is just as efficient. Our Seiko TP-50 is best suited for printing numbers. Machines of this nature are extremely handy when printing best before dates onto product packaging. As a valuable Time Recorder, this product provides precise and accurate data collection.

Product Features

  • Memory back-up (up to 3 years)
  • Simple adjustment of print alignment
  • Wall-mounting and/or desk-mountable
  • Unique 2 line printing with a single insertion
  • 156mm W x 179mm H x 181mm D in dimension
  • Illuminated print area and back-lit graphical display
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment of BST/GMT
  • Custom comment and setting configuration by PC and USB transfer
  • Up to 4 print patterns selectable by dedicated programmable buttons
  • Included locking mechanism & password protection for making setting adjustments
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