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WPIT201 Staff Indication Board (20 Name)

Original price was: £203.18.Current price is: £162.54.

The WPIT201 is a Staff On–Site Indication Board, allowing you to efficiently keep track of 20 total employees, via In/Out Panels (which can be removed from the wall and carried to assembly points in the event of an emergency).

The WPIT201 Staff Indication Board is an effective tool, used to display information related to the personnel working at a particular site. These boards have multiple uses, including enhancing communication and ensuring safety.

Product Benefits

1. Personnel

  • List names, job titles, and contact information of all on-site staff members.
  • Current shift schedule, indicating which employees are on duty, their roles, and their work areas.
  • Provide a list of emergency contact numbers for key personnel, including supervisors, first aiders, and safety officers.

2. Emergencies

  • Show evacuation routes and assembly points for staff to follow in case of an emergency.
  • Inform staff about upcoming emergency drills and procedures to be followed during these drills.

3. Safety & Compliance

  • Remind staff of personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements and indicate compliance status.
  • Indicate which staff members have completed necessary safety training and hold required certifications.
  • Show who is currently on-site and who has checked out, aiding in attendance tracking and emergency roll calls.

4. Legalities

  • Allow space for reporting and tracking workplace incidents or near-misses.
  • Display required labour law information and notices, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

5. Operations

  • Indicate the allocation of tools, machinery, and other resources among staff members.
  • Outline daily or weekly task assignments and responsibilities via staff indication boards.
  • Provide updates on project progress, milestones, and any changes to plans or schedules.

Product Features

  • 360mmH x 382mmW in dimensions
  • Indicates which staff are on/off-site
  • Simple to use slide and click mechanism shows IN or OUT
  • Supplied complete with a wall fixing kit including wall plugs
  • Card inserts to show staff names, supplied in a strip – typed or labeled
  • 3 different panel sizes available (positioned next to each other for increased staff capacity)
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