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ZKTeco ML10-ID Fingerprint & BlueTooth Proximity Key Fob/Door Lock


The ZKTeco ML10-ID is a superb Fingerprint & Bluetooth Proximity Door Lock (Fingerprint, BlueTooth, or RFID Keyfob) access control system, designed to enhance the security of doors by integrating biometric fingerprint recognition and Bluetooth proximity technology.

This product contains three independent unlocking methods; those of which include: Fingerprint, ID-Keyfob, and Mobile Phone Bluetooth. Click here to view the official ZKTeco ML10-ID video.

Product Features:

  • LED indicator and inbuilt buzzer
  • Rugged, sleek and compact design
  • Emergency key override (Concealed)
  • Seamless installation (No Wiring Required)
  • Capacitive sensing technology (Touch To Open)
  • Registration data stored despite cases of power loss
  • Standard single latch for easy replacement & installation
  • Independent clutch motor design under patent protection
  • External terminals to draw backup power from a 9V battery
  • Handle, latch, and strike is a reversible design for all door open directions


  • User Capacity: 180
  • Keyfob Capacity: 90
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 90
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