No, our range of bells & sounders that we supply with the break timers are not wireless. The sounders are connected via a wired 1.5mm twin mains cable connection.
If you have lost your manual and cannot find the document in the ‘Document Downloads’ section, you can always call us on 0191 414 4241 or e-mail sales@netr.co.uk to have a copy of the manual emailed to you or uploaded to our site for you to download.

Contactless Clocking-in Systems are a hygienic option; ensuring employees don’t need to touch the attendance terminal when clocking in. Employees simply clock in by swiping their unique RFID attendance card or key fob in front of the clocking machine.

Buddy Clocking is a major problem for a lot of businesses. It’s very simple for one employee to give their swipe card to a friend so he or she can clock in on their behalf. The problem is even worse for employers that use manual paper timesheets or time cards, as it’s very easy for one employee to sign or clock in for another.

With our wide range of quality Biometric Fingerprint, Face Recognition or Handscan Time & Attendance Systems, we have a solution that’s guaranteed to stop “Buddy Clocking” in its tracks. Find out more about time theft and how it affects you HERE

Recently customers have reported having some problems when entering their details on the Paypal screen. We would like to let everyone know that the problem is currently being addressed. While we are looking into the problem we would suggest emptying your Cache and trying again should the problem occur, alternatively you can call us with your order on 0191 4144241 or email sales@netr.co.uk